Individuals wishing to become a certified AHCA judge will need to take the following steps. They must complete the Judge’s Application and submit it with a $35 fee. The application will be reviewed and either accepted or declined. The applicant will be contacted and a test will be sent if the application was accepted or the fee will be returned if it was declined. The test must be completed within 24 hours. It will be scored and you will be contacted with the results. A score of 90% will be considered passing. If you don’t receive a passing score a make-up test may be taken. An additional fee of $25 will be required for a retake test. A second non-passing score will require a 30 day waiting period before the individual may apply again. The certification process will start over at this point.

The Judge’s Application fee is $35 and the retake fee is $25.  A valid regular membership is is required to become a judge.


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