AHCA is a family friendly competition and diverse skills challenge.  

It is an obstacle course event, perfect for all riders, all disciplines and every skill level.


Enjoy the competition of your peers.  Show your skills and see how you compare to others in your area.  Also, have your points tracked nationally for qualification in the National Finals.  Riders compete for recognition and prizes and most of all MONEY.


Everyone will have a great time hanging out with their friends and make new friends.


Respect for riders…respect for horses…respect for everyone is a critical element of every AHCA event.  We want to see horse and rider perform to their best and be encouraged all along the way.  Negative behavior is not tolerated and everyone is expected to promote themselves, their peers and their sport.


We will always to present our association and this sport with the highest integrity.


Our Mission

The mission of the AHCA is to promote horsemanship and sportsmanship at its highest level while providing an arena of camaraderie within a competitive obstacle course setting. Its purpose is to instill public awareness and respect for the horse while members strive to improve their horsemanship skills. All competitions will be conducted with the highest level of integrity.

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