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Welcome new Affliate Central Valley Horsemen!

AHCA is proud of announce our new California Affiliate. Central Valley Horsemen, Organizers: Lyn Meredith. They are located in Tulare CA. Keep watching the events page for their challenge dates!

Welcome New Affiliate Horsemen of Arkansas

AHCA is proud of announce our new Arkansas Affiliate. Horsemen of Arkansas, Organizers: Meg Wills & Corry Key. There first challenge is coming up on March 3! Get ready to ride; it’s going to be a great time!

The historic first AHCA challenge


Congratulations 10 Buck 2 Ranch

Bonifay, FL is the home of Mishca and Jeff Randall and the 10 Buck 2 Ranch.  They were the hosts o the AHCA inaugural horsemen challenge.  Although the weather tried to spoil the mood it was a great success.  Jeff and his crew did a great job getting the course ready and their natural terrain course was very interesting for the spectators and rider alike.  Our first round o official scores will be posted on the website soon and it will set the bar for everyone who is working towards the National Finals.

I was able to take some photos and they will be posted on the AHCA Facebook page.  Check out the events list for upcoming challenges.  Be sure to check back often as new events are added regularly.

Rulebook Addendum

AHCA Rulebook v1.0a

Addendum to Judges Section

 Judges shall position themselves apart from one another and shall not confer with one another in any fashion during a competitors run or following the run with the sole exception of being allowed to discuss a situation of a competitor being disqualified for that specific round of the challenge.  Should a discussion of disqualification be necessary, the discussion will take place immediately following the completion of the run in question.

The online rulebook is updated and the printed rulebooks will have an addendum.  Sorry for the inconvenience as we strive for excellence.  Thank you for you patience.

AHCA Board

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